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by techie66
01 Jul 2017, 19:24
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Diagonal wires in schematic capture
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Re: Diagonal wires in schematic capture

"Diagonal wires in Schematic are not possible yet. We remember the request but have not implemented yet." Nice to know you remember it. But quite frankly, that's not enough. You got to IMPLEMENT it! Besides, there are a considerable number of very basic functions and usability issues that sorely nee...
by techie66
29 Jun 2014, 21:26
Forum: Forum Suggestions and Feature Requests
Topic: Net ports
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Net ports

Hi, among the features I think are missing in Dip Trace are ports for connecting wires and pins to nets on the same sheet or across sheets. I know this can also be accomplished by simply assigning wires to specific nets and by use of schematic symbols that are defined as net ports. However, I find t...