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 Post subject: Pin numbering in Component Editor
PostPosted: 14 Mar 2017, 14:45 

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DipTrace V3.0 (3.1?)
I don't know if this has been reported before...

If you want to change the 'Show, Hide or Default' pin numbers option for an individual component in the Component Editor there is a slight problem.

1) Open the Component Editor
2) Select a user-defined library
3) Select any component in that library
4) Select the 'Component' tab
5) Hover mouse pointer over 'Pin Numbers'
6) Change the 'Show, Hide, Default' options to any new setting

You have now made a change to the libary BUT you do not have the option to save the change you just made at this point.
The Component Editor does not recognize this change... i.e. the 'Disk' (save) Icon on the toolbar is still greyed out and so is 'File, Save'.

Any changes you have made up to this point will be lost when you close the Component Editor because it does not ask you if you want to save the changes you just made when you close it (it should).

The only way to be able to save the pin numbering changes is:

1) Make any 'dummy or temporary' change to any component drawing
2) This will trigger the 'Save' options
3) Immediatly delete that change before acually saving the file.


In contrast, 'View', 'Pin Numbers' changes the Default pin number setting for the entire library... a global change if you will. This is stated in the Help file but the 'View', Pin Numbers' menu option that changes this setting probably should elude to the fact that this is a 'global Default filter' that affects the entire library's 'Default' setting for each of the components (in the 'Show, Hide, Default' dialog per component).

If you make a change to THIS 'global vaue', unlike the issue described above, DipTrace DOES in fact, recognize that a change has been made and DOES ask you if you want to 'Save the changes' when you exit the Component Editor. But, it still doesn't change the state of the 'File Save Icon' or the 'File, Save' option. You must either change a Component to trigger the Save option as stated above or simply exit the program and let it ask you if you if you want to save your changes.

So, the problem could be fixed by simply asking 'Do you want to save your changes' when exiting the program after making a 'Show, Hide, Default' pin number change to an individual component.


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