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 Post subject: Pattern Editor - ignores embedded polygon
PostPosted: 25 Nov 2016, 09:24 

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When importing a DXF file containing a simple rectangle with an embedded polygon (circle) into the PCB Layout Editor with the "[X] Fill Closed Areas" and "[X] Embedded Polygons" options enabled, the embedded polygon (circle) is recognized and a proper circular void is created within. However, when importing that same DXF file into the Pattern Editor with the same options enabled, the embedded polygon (circle) is filled, creating a solid rectangle without a circular void. I have attached a sample DXF file named "embedded_polygon.dxf" and a demonstration Windows movie file named "embedded_polygon.wmv" (inside the compressed folder named "").

More observations...
During the DXF import process in the PCB Layout Editor, DipTrace appears to convert the two drawing objects (i.e. rectangle and circle) into a single drawing object if the "[X] Embedded Polygons" option is enabled. Specifically, it converts them into one continuous line that almost completes the rectangle then, just before completing the rectangle, the line heads off to create the circle. When the line almost completes the circle, it heads back to the rectangle (right next to where it left off) to complete the drawing without stepping over itself. It is possible that there is a very tiny gap between the "to" and "from" connecting lines, and that gap is also in the rectangle and the circle. See the illustration below for an example of the what I believe the "[X] Embedded Polygons" option might be doing. I have intentionally exaggerated the gap to show the transformation. Now the importer only has to fill one object and, because the actual gap is too small to see in DipTrace, the result is what looks like a "filled rectangle with a circular void". Well, that's my theory anyway.

I ran some experiments that seemed to support my theory. I created two sample DXF files in an independent 2D CAD program; one with a single connecting line between the two closed objects and the other with one continuous line forming two "open" objects (really only one, large, closed object that looked like two separate objects when zoomed out). Each DXF file was imported into the Pattern Editor. The "[X] Fill Closed Areas" option was enabled. The "[ ] Embedded Polygons" option was disabled. Importing the DXF file that utilized the single connecting line between two closed objects was unsuccessful. Importing the DXF file with the small gap successfully created the faux "filled rectangle with circular void" without having to enable the "[ ] Embedded Polygons" option.

Apparently, the DXF importer in the Pattern Editor has a bug in its "[X] Embedded Polygons" option which prevents it from converting the two drawing objects into one. This can be confirmed by importing the original DXF file (with two separate objects) into both the Pattern Editor and the PCB Layout Editor. The Pattern Editor will "choke" on the embedded polygon ("[X] Fill Closed Areas" and "[X] Embedded Polygons" enabled) by filling both drawing objects. The PCB Layout Editor will properly import and convert the drawing into a single object similar to the one shown in the illustration below (right side) and fill the enclosed area; creating a faux "filled rectangle with circular void".

I'm probably way off in my theory about how the "[ ] Embedded Polygons" option is supposed to do its job, but right now it appears to be "out to lunch" in the Pattern Editor.

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 Post subject: Re: Pattern Editor - ignores embedded polygon
PostPosted: 28 Nov 2016, 10:02 
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We will investigate the issue. Thank you for the report.

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