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I installed the new build update for 3.0 DipTrace version. As I can see, it still not be addressed the quite important issue/bug which is particular only to the last version, as I reported previously: the traces are not longer movable by arrows keys (in small/precise steps). This it was the normal (and very useful) functionality for the all old versions.
I noticed this time that the traces are movable using the arrows keys only if are alone and not connected to any other objects (pads, vias, etc). As the traces are connected to anything else, then are not possible to be moved by keys, but only with the mouse pointer.
As such basic functionality it is very important, I expect to be prioritised in the bug elimination process, and finally reestablished.

DipTrace support team answer to my above bug report:
"Moving traces using arrow keys was accidental side effect of a bug in the software. We fixed the bug and moving traces by arrow key is not working anymore. It is very difficult to return it therefore we haven't done it."
Then I got few suggestion for alternative methods to move and position traces in 3.0 version...

Yes, I can see by myself... There are some alternatives to move traces around. The problem here is that any and every alternative to such operation is only much more complicated, and more time consuming than the simple pressing of a few keys on keyboard, for the steps one may need in moving/positioning process. This step by step movement, using keyboard (arrow keys) is a basic function in any CAD software, and for sure you all there know about such basics. The arrow keys it work for all of the objects in DipTrace (as it should, and as normal) except the traces (in latest version). This is only very bad, it is a serious dysfunctionality, and for sure you will get the same feedback from many other users.
As I can see too in the last version, there is not possible anymore to move an entire trace at once, nor step by step, nor with the mouse, nor by selecting it the whole, or many segments at once. When about traces, the positioning it is possible only using the mouse pointer for individual segments of a trace. This is even worse than the missing step by step function. Can your developing team realise what it happen when one (user/designer) may have few or 10, or more segments in a trace? The user of the new version of DipTrace have to first zoom in 10000 if may work in a quite usual scale of 0.01 mm grid, to move using the snap function, one or few steps a segment of his trace, then zoom out to see the design context, then zoom back in 10 000 or more to move another segment of the same trace, or make corrections, then back and forth again, and again, to finally move one trace in a new position...? And if one may need some more adjustments, have to only repeat all the procedure. Such is just stupid and absurd in a precision PCB design, which it may provide a certain productivity too...
The previous version behaved and worked just as it should when about this basic operation of positioning both objects and traces in a design. This basic functionality it can not just disappear from the latest version, pretending there is is an "improvement", or an correcting of a "bug". Traces positioning it worked exactly as it should before the 3 version. Now is not working anymore. Manipulating traces is very important in a PCB design (and your team know for sure very well).
There is also a basic principle or way of doing for a software developer, to make it easier to use it, and for every new software version making it more and more convenient for the final user of the software, extending so the popularity of that software, but not eliminating a basic function, forcing the user to find many other alternatives, more complicated and more time consuming, to get the same results.
The conclusion is clear in my opinion, about the latest DipTrace version and this basic function of manipulating traces: your developers have to reestablish the normal functionality in this field, so as it was (very normal and excellent) in the older versions. Dismissing this basic operation for traces is a serious handicap for your new software, despite the rest of the important and useful improvements. At least what is the point with a new improved version, where one can use hot keys to speed up all sort of operations or many other facilities to increase productivity, while the designer have to use lot of time for simple movements/placements of traces in a design?

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