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 Post subject: A few little improvements..
PostPosted: 02 Aug 2010, 19:10 

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I love this program, you made a splendid work !
Anyway, I've some suggestions for some little improvements:

1) in Schematic/PCB, adding the ability to customize icons in the top bar (New, Open, Save... etc..) to allow inclusion or exclusion of functions and building of customizable bars (like in Microsoft Word, for example);

2) in Schematic/PCB, adding the ability to resize the bar with Library names (it's only 1/2 screen wide, so i must scroll left and right very often);

3) in Schematic, adding the ability to switch pattern preview windows, to allow showing the pattern of component selected in the current library, OR the pattern of the component selected in the current schematic;

4) in PCB, improving if possible the single-layer-with-jumper routing: it's so difficult for an hobbyst to make double-layer circuits, so if you can improve the ability of the program to resolve circuits, it would be surely very appreciated from many and many users.
For example, inserting a function like an "automoving-autorouter-optimize net", trying to move and rotate not locked components and reoptimize net, all on-the-fly, to attempt resolving connections problems: i know it could be a very heavy task for CPU, but modern PC are so full of elaboration power and RAM, so, either if this task could last in many minutes (or hours..), it will be a very interesting feature and it will be worth waiting for program to complete the task.

5) in schematic/PCB, adding the function to place near two components automatically, to have(for example) a microprocessor and his companion decoupling .1uF capacitor (connected to Vdd and Vss) with the capacitor auto-placed in the PCB to the nearest position from the micro.

6) in schematic/PCB, adding the function to "group" some components: for example, i'm designing a board with 3 sections, a microprocessor section (high freq), a high power section and a 220 VAC sections (with triacs and MOCs), and it will be interesting to tell to PCB to autoplace all the components of each section nearly, but separated from the other two sections, and to move/separate them with the manual placement.

If some of these features are already available in the current version, please forgive me because i could not found them...

Thank you for this marvellous program, and keep up this good work!

p.s. forgive me for my bad english

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