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Author:  wkehr [ 05 Aug 2017, 19:41 ]
Post subject:  3D printers

I've noticed that there are some 3d printers for PCB's. They all seem to present the same advantage, quickly make prototypes in-house. But time is only one of the major concerns with prototyping in-house. Another major concern is placement of components by hand. I would think the real advantage of a 3D printer is the 3D aspect, that PCB's can be made to be physically different from what we are used to.

I would expect a 3D printer to have the ability to put physical guides on the board, imagine raised solder masks that are high enough to position the feet of surface mount components. Or possibly a raised section that a chip or connector butts up against to place it correctly.

The option to leave an indented area could be useful, to allow placing copper for heat sinks flush with the board. Traces could be made thicker by having them deeper in the circuit board to carry more current. Shunts could be easily built into the boards.

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