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 Post subject: Pour area calculator
PostPosted: 02 Sep 2016, 09:39 

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I posted this in the main forum, but since its apparently not possible currently, I figured I would post it in the "features request" section here.

Im using pours for some heat sinks around D2PAK components and it would be nice if Diptrace could just give me a quick answer as to a pours area in in^2 or mm^2 for calculating purposes.

Most of my pours are odd shaped, so I cant just do a simple 2 second "length x width" calculation...

If, when you right click on a pour to see the pour "properties", on the boarder tab, maybe right below the "points" window, it could show the total pour area in in^2 or mm^2 (depending on units selected). I think that would be a huge help to people who are trying to figure out both electrical properties and thermal properties of an irregularly shaped pour.


 Post subject: Re: Pour area calculator
PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 10:21 

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I'd like to second this request... but with a slight modification: "contiguous area pour".

Just laid out a PCB with an ST Micro L6206 driver... and in the spec sheet are graphs showing the temperature vs. power with the device having different heatsink pours: pours under the devices, on the bottom of the board, or as "wings" extending out the sides.

I write "contigouos" as, well, heat doesn't "jump".

Yes, it could be done using the Measure tool. But I think what I'm asking for would be a "quick estimate" area.


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