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 Post subject: Include Traces in a pattern
PostPosted: 31 Jan 2017, 16:38 

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to both Diptrace and electronics so please bear with my profound ignorance.

I've created a component and a pattern for a Cherry MX switch. Now with these switches, you should add a diode to prevent ghosting and some other issue when hitting two keys at the same time.

What I want to do is in my pattern I want to include pads for both the switch and the diode. I'd also like to include wires going from one of the switch pins to one of the diode pins. The other end of the diode could include a trace to a surface pad. Similarly with the other switch pin, I'd like to have a trace in the pattern that goes out to a couple of surface pads at the sides of the pattern.

If it isn't obvious, the idea is to be able to place all these switches in a keyboard layout and then I'd only have to run wires in the schematic between each key's surface pads. Keyboards work with a matrix of rows and columns so a given switch is connected to the switches next to it. If I can do this, the traces to diodes and switch pins would already be in place as defined in the pattern.

Now I assumed that drawing a line in the pattern on the signal layer was all it would take and maybe it is. The only problem is that when I connect all this stuff in a schematic, clicking on a wire does not indicate connectivity between keys via these lines I drew in the pattern. I therefore assume that the line is only for decoration and not part of the circuit. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

 Post subject: Re: Include Traces in a pattern
PostPosted: 01 Feb 2017, 06:43 

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Currently, it is not possible to route traces in a pattern with the Pattern Editor. There have been several requests for such a feature to be added, but so far nothing has come of it. Here is one of those requests - Another thread from the past showing a possible workaround to a similar problem can be found here -

I think this might be a good case for using the Hierarchy tool to create the desired sub-circuit, which would allow for multiple placements of your key design. Refer to page 215 of the DipTrace tutorial (Help > DipTrace Tutorial). You can put all of the required components into the Hierarchy schematic and then place as many instances of the Hierarchy Block as needed.

Once the main schematic has all of the Hierarchy Block instances you need, and they are connected to the rest of the circuitry, update your PCB to pull them into the layout. Before routing them externally to the rest of the PCB circuitry, internally arrange and route one of the Hierarchy Blocks. After the first Hierarchy Block is internally arranged and internally routed to your satisfaction, you can use the Hierarchy tool to automatically arrange and route the remaining Hierarchy Blocks in the same manner. When that is complete, group each Hierarchy Block individually, move them to the desired locations and resave the PCB. Finally, route/connect them all to the rest of the PCB layout and resave the PCB one more time.


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