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Library lockout
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Author:  inventorgeorge [ 19 Jan 2017, 21:08 ]
Post subject:  Library lockout

I made a component in a library I call usercomponents. I had no problem.
Now, I am trying to get back into that same library to add another component and I get a warning box saying that I locked the library out for changes.
How do I unlock the library, and why did this happen? After completing the component, I simply saved the library. I did not knowingly do anything else.
Thank you

Author:  Alex [ 20 Jan 2017, 08:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Library lockout

If you saved the library in the same folder where standard libraries are then your library is considered as standard library and therefore it can't be changed. Move your custom library to different folder in that case.

If you didn't close the library in Component editor the library remains in use and you won't be able to open the same library in another copy of Component editor. It sometimes occurs if users work on few machines and sync files using cloud. In that case, you can find and delete hidden file with tildas on both ends of file name in the same folder with library file. For example, if library file is AAA.eli you need to delete file ~AAA.eli~ in the same folder.

Author:  paynterf@gmail.com [ 02 Jul 2017, 10:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Library lockout

I have also had this problem, as have others. Compounding the misery is the difficulty of searching for files with '~' in the filename (at least in windows). The correct search syntax for this is:


Hope this helps,


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