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I'm a new user and cannot figure out how to get the measurments on a custom component right
I've tried making it but the spacing between pads just wont go right no matter what I try
This is what I'm trying to make a pattern for
I've got the rest of the circuit figured out and all layed out properly, I just cannot figure out how to get this component added
I don't care if it doesnt show it as a double inductor as long as the pad spacings are correct when I go to make the pcb

-- 01 Apr 2015, 11:43 --

This is what the comoonent actually looks like - its 1206 size aparently


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PostPosted: 01 Apr 2015, 08:53 
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Maybe you need to change grid size or place pads by coordinates to achieve exact distances between pads.

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Where are you having problems? Have you read through the help file and tutorial? This is a simple part and if you don't understand how to create the footprint for this you're screwed on more complicated stuff. I'll do a quick run-through but you really should read through the provided materials. Also, you need to have your own "custom library" setup which I'm not going into.

1.) Start-up "Pattern Editor" (PE).
2.) Select your own library under "Select Pattern" i.e. the pulldown menu and "User Patterns".
3.) From toolbar: Pattern>Add New to "xxxx" library
4.) Because this data sheet is in metric for your own peace of mind set "units" to metric: View>Units>mm
5.) Create your pad: under Pattern Properties select "Pad Properties":
Type: Surface
Shape: Rectangle
Width: 1.10mm
Height: 0.6mm (both from data sheet)
Hit "OK"
6.) Pattern Properties: Style>Lines
Number of lines: 2
Number of Pads: 4

7.) Now you have to do some simple math (would be really nice if one could do math in the data entry field but whatever): Pad spacing in the data sheet is shown as edge to edge (which is a stupid convention). PE wants it in center-to-center (which is the correct way) so subtract the pad width from the total width. This gives C-C. (1.1+1.6+1.1)-1.1=2.7.
Pad spacing =2.7mm

8.) Do the same thing as above vertically for "Line Spacing". The result is 1mm. Put that in "Line Spacing".

If you followed along you should now have 4 pads showing dimensions of 1 x 2.7mm. If the pad numbers don't match the data sheet click the pad and change its number. Put a silkscreen box around it or some kind of fiduciary, save it and done.

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PostPosted: 23 Apr 2015, 20:38 
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Great walk-through mtripoli and I agree, if you can't make this pattern than more complex ones will really be difficult to make.

As Alex suggested, the grid may be making it impossible to position your pads exactly where you want them. Set the grid to it's smallest setting or turn the grid off altogether and zoom right in to manually position the pads. How I do it is I set the part origin right in the middle of the pads with regards to X and Y dimensions and then set the four pads equally spaced out from the origin. To do this exactly, right click on each pad, go to properties and find the X and Y co-ordinates and tweak them from there to set the pads precisely where you want them. Even with the grid enabled the pad will still go to where you put it using this method and it won't 'snap' to the wrong spot as it would do if you are simply moving it with the mouse or arrow keys.

It sounds way more complicated than it actually is and as others have pointed out, working through the tutorial is not a sign of weakness, it is designed to help you get up and running with the minimum of fuss and covers all this stuff very well.

All the best,


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