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PostPosted: 03 Jan 2015, 16:56 

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Is there a way to enter carriage returns or newlines for very long Pin names? I am trying to create a new part (PIC32MZ1024ECG100) and there are some really long pin names (eg pin 16 - "EBIA2/AN11/C2INC/ERXCLK/EREFCLK/AERXCLK/AEREFCLK/RPG9/PMA2/RG9"). I would like to format these really long pins so they appear on 2 lines. I tried "\r\n" (c printf()) and "^n^r" and neither work. The documentation only discusses the "~" char to add the inversion overline.

Also I dislike the way the standard libraries have organized pin placement, by re-ordering the numbers and grouping similar pins together. For large pin counts I use the pin layout in the schematic to help with the routing for the PCB. for instance, if I need to make a group of pins to a header, I will try to organize the pins so that they are easier to route when I create the PCB. Its also a pain to locate pins if your not using the primary pin grouping. For instance, the Pins might be grouped in the schematic component by ports (ie PG1 - PG9) but if am using EREFCLK its a pain in the butt to try to locate it if the pin grouping isn't laid out in in the number sequence.

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