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 Post subject: Pattern editor: problem selecting traces on second layer
PostPosted: 28 Dec 2014, 17:25 

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I'm trying to build a pattern for a Keystone 8197 terminal. ... -ND/316833

This is a through hole part designed for high current. It requires through holes, all pads on top layer connected together and all pads on bottom layers connected together.

I created the pads/vias and top traces by selecting "Top" from the "current pad placement side" menu and that worked. Checking the 3D model it shows the vias and the top-side traces as expected.

When I attempt to add traces to the bottom layer I change the "current pad placement side" menu to "Bottom", select the line tool and draw, which works fine except that the traces I initially lay down are too small. Problem is, when I try to select those traces and roll the mouse over to meet the trace so I can right-click to bring up its properties dialog, the trace(s) from TOP layer are highlighted instead and ultimately obscure the trace I'm trying to select. FYI, locking the "fat" traces has no effect. They are still selectable and obscure the "thin" trace on the bottom layer.

Thinking that this would work something like image manipulation software (photoshop or GIMP) I attempted to use the "layers" sidebar to move the layer with the bottom side "thin" traces "above" the other layer but that did not have the intended effect.

Clicking or right clicking on the layer in that sidebar does bring up an "objects" properties dialog that lists the lines / rectangles that are on that layer and show their coordinates but it does not allow me to select the appropriate objects and change their width.

I'm new to the pattern editor so maybe I just don't know how to use it, but this seems like a bug. If you're drawing on one layer, the objects on the other layer should not be selectable. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?

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 Post subject: Re: Pattern editor: problem selecting traces on second layer
PostPosted: 30 Dec 2014, 07:17 
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Left click twice to select bottom line. First click selects top line, second click select bottom one. Then right click and open line properties.

 Post subject: Re: Pattern editor: problem selecting traces on second layer
PostPosted: 30 Dec 2014, 11:07 

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I wound up working around the problem by drawing the traces elsewhere and moving them over top of the existing traces. The 3D model appears to show everything working as expected. However, I'll go back and try your solution to verify it works.

IMO, the pattern editor needs a bit of work. The "logical" layers concept is a good one, but it should be possible to hide each layer so they are not depicted. It could be as simple as a green checkbox next to each layer (similar to the concept used in the PCB editor). If I were able to make individual layers (or all layers except one) invisible that would allow a more intuitive selection of the object(s) shown and ultimately, their properties. FYI, this is how most image manipulation software works (GIMP, photoshop) so it's not without precedent.

-- 01 Jan 2015, 20:02 --

For anyone researching this issue, I found the "proper" solution -- select

View->Display Side->Current Only

That has the effect of hiding the traces on the layers other than the one selected.

For example, on a simple 2 layer board like mine, when I select the "Top" layer from the "Current pad placement side" menu, the traces on the "Bottom" layer disappear.

One little snag when you do this: In the layer pane on the right side of the window the layer whose traces are hidden goes blank. Make sure you don't assume in a rush (as I did) that the blank layer could be deleted. When I did that and then used the pad placement menu to select the other layer I realized I had deleted the traces on that layer.

My vote for a future enhancement to the program would be for a better depiction of what is hidden. The layers depict traces in a yellow/gold color. When the layer is hidden those traces should be depicted in a light gray color.

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