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 Post subject: Confused by grid placement in Component Editor
PostPosted: 04 Sep 2014, 06:17 

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I've made quite a few components, but I've never understood how the grid in Component Editor is related to the Schematic grid.

I've set Schematic grid to use 0.1"
For the Component Editor, I often go to a smaller grid in order to draw more complex shapes.
I want to place the pins on 0.1" grid so that they align well on the Schematic, but I'm unable to get it to work consistently or understand the logic.

I try to move the pins in Component Editor to be on 0.1" spacing, I also try Component-> Center Symbol. In both cases I'm not able to get the component pins to align on the Schematic grid.

What am I doing wrong? (this has been an issue for me in Diptrace 2.3 and 2.4)

 Post subject: Re: Confused by grid placement in Component Editor
PostPosted: 12 Sep 2014, 04:16 
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If a component pins snap to 0.1 grid in Component editor after Edit->Center Symbol, they will be snap to the same grid in Schematic.

-- 12 Sep 2014, 11:19 --

In Schematic, first pin of components always snaps to grid. Other pins will snap too, if pin spacing is multiple of grid.

 Post subject: Re: Confused by grid placement in Component Editor
PostPosted: 07 May 2015, 09:10 

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I was wondering why my pcb grid kept changing. What is the reason that the schematic grid and pcb grid are connected?

 Post subject: Re: Confused by grid placement in Component Editor
PostPosted: 08 May 2015, 20:54 
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I too struggle with getting pins to align in the schematic view and this annoys the bejingers out of me. While I appreciate this is purely cosmetic and subjective and as such won't matter to all users, I like the components in my schematics to be nicely aligned and to look sharp. To this end I have the default line width in Schematic set to 0.25mm as this matches the pins' dimensions and thus it looks a whole lot better (in my view) than a thinner line joining a fatter pin (and it looks even worse when pins are mis-aligned).

When I make new parts (and I make the majority of my own parts for this reason), aligning the pins so they link properly in the schematic view is a major bugbear of mine. I have tried having the grid settings the same (I usually have all the grid settings across the different apps in the suite set the same) and I thought, (as Alex has suggested) that this would solve the problem of pins not aligning with wires in the schematic view, but on my setup at least, it doesn't.

The origin of the component when building a part does seem to make a big difference so once I've set that I don't change it. When I make a part now, I place the pins on-grid where I think they should be and then save and place the part into a blank schematic. I then use a resistor that I know has the pins aligned properly to go around and test each pin's alignment on the new part. If any are out, as they usually are, I go back to the Component Editor and either nudge the pin with the grid off in place or, (more usually now), just set the X and Y coordinates of the pin to micro-manage it into place. Then back in Schematic I update the component from the library (to make sure I'm working with the latest 'build') and re-check pin alignment, zooming right in if necessary to ensure the wire and the pin align perfectly.

This obviously takes a bit of mucking about but I'm used to it now and know how to get things pretty close before having to micro-manage anything into place. However, since now I know "officially" it *should* be a matter of placing pins according to the grid settings (Alex says as much in his post above) I'll go and have another play to see if that works, though as mentioned I'm relatively certain I've tried that already with all the grids set to the same setting and the pins still need nudging into the exactly-right place even when they are placed on-grid.

All the best,


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