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Routing and copper pour
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Author:  steve65 [ 14 Sep 2017, 10:53 ]
Post subject:  Routing and copper pour

I have my board laid out in PCB Layout. I haven't routed it yet, still have ratlines.

My plan is to have a copper pour on the bottom of the PCB and tie the copper pour to the GND net.

What should I do first -- the copper pour or routing?

Yes, I'm new to this. :)



Author:  Tomg [ 14 Sep 2017, 15:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Routing and copper pour

steve65 wrote:
"...What should I do first -- the copper pour or routing?..."
It doesn't really matter. Try both methods and use the one that feels more comfortable for you. While routing your signal traces save the GND connections for last (after pouring the ground plane). This will make it easier to drop GND Static Vias around the board that will connect the appropriate top layer pads to the ground plane on the opposite side (not necessary with through-hole pads, of course).

p.s. Don't forget to update the copper pour after a pad or via has been placed in it. To make things a little easier, you can assign a hotkey to Update All Copper Pours if you are using DipTrace version 3.

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