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Die cavity for bonding
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Author:  jom [ 02 Sep 2017, 02:06 ]
Post subject:  Die cavity for bonding


I was wondering if anyone knows if Diptrace can handle creating an area in the PCB/Substrate design to accommodate die cavity bonding. This is where a die is set inside a "hole" or cavity so that the wire bonding can be shorter. In the layout I would need to have an area that is void on (holed out) Layer 1 (or possibly lower) but other layers (and lower) would still exist under the IC. The hole depth is usually the height of the IC or thereabouts.

I've done substrate layouts in Diptrace before where I use a Bonding pattern instead of the usual package and it seems to work fine. I just don't quite know how to have an area removed in the middle of the substrate somewhere.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Author:  Tomg [ 02 Sep 2017, 05:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Die cavity for bonding

I've never attempted it, but you might try creating another mechanical (non-signal) layer named "Layer 1 Cutout" and draw the desired shape on it. If you need to go deeper, then similar mechanical layers could be added to indicate cutouts in other signal layers (e.g. "Layer 2 Cutout", etc.). Or create only one mechanical layer named "Layer 1 & 2 Cutout". At any rate you should talk to your board house to make sure they have the capability and to find out what kind of documentation they require.

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