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 Post subject: how to split net
PostPosted: 31 Jul 2017, 17:43 

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i'm really new to this software, so probably i'm missing something...
as the title says, how can i split an existing wire net into 2 or more subnets?

i have a 5v power line, and on the same line there are low current components (ic, sensor, etc) but also there are some really high current parts (dc-dc booster, stepper driver, etc)

i need wide traces for the large current and narrow ones for the low current. i see that there are classes, and it is possible to create different rules, but this not resolves my problem.

as a quick workaround i "splitted" the nets adding 0R resistors, but this is not smart nor correct solution. (i searched the forum, youtube, google, but didn't find a method)

please advice me how to do this the pro way (step by step). sorry for the noob question. thanks!

 Post subject: Re: how to split net
PostPosted: 01 Aug 2017, 06:15 

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If you need to tie different Nets together without merging, then your method or a variation thereof is the only way to accomplish this in DipTrace. The developers have mentioned that they might add a feature similar to Altium's "Net Tie" in a future version, but there has been no official timeline announced for its implementation. One other method to consider is the use of different trace widths for the same Net. If that appeals to you, then here's how to do it...

Multiple trace widths on the same Net
First, make sure the "Min. Width" and "Max. Width" rules for the target Net Class (Route > Net Classes...) will accommodate your plans. Once that is taken care of, start routing the new trace, press "W" to bring up the width menu and make a selection. The current trace segment and any subsequent trace segments will now default to the new width selection until you press "W" again and make a different selection. Figure 1 shows the choices I have in the width menu. Selecting "By Class" will obey the "Trace Width" rule (i.e. the "normal" width) of each Net Class. In this example I happen to be working on a Net where the "Trace Width" rule is set to 1.4 mm. The middle section of the width menu displays a list of the Trace Templates I have set up. At this time I have one Trace Template, but more can be added if desired. To add Trace Templates to the list, see figures 2 and 3. Selecting "Custom..." in the width menu allows you to enter any value you like as long as it obeys the Net Class rules you have set up.

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 Post subject: Re: how to split net
PostPosted: 01 Aug 2017, 07:59 

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hello, @TomG, thanks for the advice. i will test it today!

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