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 Post subject: A couple of questions regarding multiple parts and copying
PostPosted: 12 Apr 2012, 12:01 

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Let's say I have an LM324 quad op amp and I want to make four identical low pass filters. In Proteus ISIS, I draw (and simulate) one filter and when I have it like I want it, I simply copy the one three times and then reannotate.

I tried that approah in DIPTrace and it wouldn't work. It wouldn't let me reannotate (re-number, i.e. part 1, 2, 3, &4). Well, it would but it wouldn't change the pin numbering. The first copy and redesignation left me with the same IC designation, i.e. U1.1 & U1.2, but both U1.1 & U1.2 had the same pin numbers. U1.2 should have had the pin numbers for part 2.

Is there a way to do this?

Number #2:
I was developing an exam in Word and needed a simple op amp circuit. I figured the best way was to draw the circuit in DIPTrace Schmatic, copy the circuit to the clipboard, and paste that into Word. That doesn't work. Apparently DIPTrace doesn't allow copy and paste outside of DIPTrace????

Thanks guys,

 Post subject: Re: A couple of questions regarding multiple parts and copyi
PostPosted: 13 Apr 2012, 07:56 
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Ok, you have a working circuit you copy/pasted 3 times. Now, place all parts of the LM324 op amp at once (use option "Place all parts" below the list of components of selected library). Disconnect every LM324 part of existing circuits and replace them with ones you have added recently. Then connect these parts to existing circuits.

Save circuit to a picture (using print preview) and paste it to Word.

 Post subject: Re: A couple of questions regarding multiple parts and copyi
PostPosted: 12 Dec 2015, 14:55 

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I'm running into this issue too. I can certainly do a manual replace of all the parts, but this is cumbersome and it really seems like a bug that the software would allow the user to edit the part number but not update the pins. How does editing the part number help the user if the pins don't update to reflect the edit?

I now have 27 opamps to manually delete/replace/reconnect.

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