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Bug in and Hierarchy connectors
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Author:  Jack_M [ 19 Jul 2017, 05:14 ]
Post subject:  Bug in and Hierarchy connectors

I can't find how to submit bugs but here it is.
-New schematic
-Add new Sheet
-Change Sheet type to Hiearchy Block
-Place Hyerarchy Connector
-Double Click and click on the connector's name field.

if you press Shift+U to make a capital "U" units are changed, as per the shortcut. I suppose other shortcuts with "Shift" would work. This won't happen with shorcuts that have different modifiers.
If however i first change the default name (even by adding a space, or removing a character) and hit OK, if i then want to change the name the problem goes away, i can use Shift+U for a Capital U.

Author:  Tomg [ 19 Jul 2017, 07:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug in and Hierarchy connectors

I followed your instructions without seeing the bug. If it makes you feel any better I think I have seen this happen in another editor, but I can't recall the specific conditions. If I manage to stumble over it again and get a consistently repeatable result, I'll post it in the Bug reports forum.

Author:  Jack_M [ 10 Sep 2017, 14:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug in and Hierarchy connectors

Hi, here is an update:
It is also happening in my windows 10 machine at home.
This problem comes out afted a couple of hours that i open diptrace, if i close diptrace and then reopen it, problem goes away. after a couple of hours it appears again.

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