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 Post subject: SOLVED (I think) was .... GND component different Net
PostPosted: 04 Feb 2016, 14:04 

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EDIT 2: The problem does not exist, at least to the level I thought. I see that while the properties seem to say these are on different nets, highlighting a trace connected to one lights up others. I will study more.

If there is some insight to why different net numbers, I would be interested. Thanks.

============part below is from earlier==================

I made my own GND component because I wanted a smaller symbol on my schematic. Somehow I did something wrong, because each use of the symbol was getting its own NetPort. Dang.

So I pulled one from a standard library -- the first that the search found. I edited it with my symbol, and named it as GND_hope and copied GND_hope. I made a copy of GND_hope as GND in my library. I also made GND_hope2 with Part Type "Power and Gnd"

On the schematic, it is even worse. I am not only getting NetPort27, Netport28, Netport29, the symbol says GND or GND_hope next to the symbol, or in the case of GND_hope2 it says PS1 or PS2. I don't know what net they are on, but if I highlight one, the other does not light up.

What I want is a component that uses my symbol and uses Net 1 each time. Help. How do I do this? Thanks.

EDIT: looking at pages 123...125 in the 2014 tutorial does not do it for me. I tried blanking the RefDes and choosing Net Port when I made GND_hope3, but it still makes a unique net connection for each instance.

 Post subject: Re: SOLVED (I think) was .... GND component different Net
PostPosted: 04 Feb 2016, 16:41 

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To connect to the same Net, Net Ports need to have the same name...
1) Place your first Net Port named "GND".
2) To place your second "GND" Net Port, copy and paste the first one.
3) Do the same for subsequent Net Ports that need to be connected to the same Net.

If you have already placed differently-named Net Ports and you want them to connect to the same Net, give them all the same name to merge their Nets...
1) Right-click on the Net Port and select the Net Port name at the top of the pop-up menu.
2) Enter the desired common Net Port name.
3) Select OK.
4) You should now find that the merged Nets have the same Net name.

* If you mouse-over to highlight a Net Port, any other Net Port with the same name will not be highlighted.

* If you mouse-over to highlight a Net, all other Nets with the same name will be highlighted.

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