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 Post subject: Replace whole multi-part component
PostPosted: 20 Aug 2015, 08:15 

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I created a hex inverter 74F04 component in an SOIC-14 package and used it in a schematic.

I then decided I wanted to use a 74LVC04 device in a TSSOP-14 package in place of the 74F04; at the component level these both have 7 parts - 6 inverters and 1 pair of power pins so I duplicated the component, renamed it, and associated the TSSOP-14 footprint.

In the schematic editor, I tried to replace the entire 74F04 component with the new 74LVC04 but it appears there is no way to change the entire component to another component, even when the parts are all the same pin numbers. I had to make 7 replacements and get 7 warnings about the library path not being updated which confused me because the 2 components are in the same library.

Am I missing something?

 Post subject: Re: Replace whole multi-part component
PostPosted: 21 Aug 2015, 09:31 
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Each part should be replaced one by one. But I would do the following.
1. Right click on each of 7 parts and choose "Disconnect Wires" from submenu.
2. Select and remove all parts.
3. Place all 7 parts of new component. Move them where each part should be.
4. Right click on each part and choose "Connect Wires".

 Post subject: Re: Replace whole multi-part component
PostPosted: 07 Dec 2016, 13:43 
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What if you just want to change the package on a part already used in a schematic? I know you can do it like this:

1. Right-click on one of the parts (of the component).
2. In the pop-up menu, select "Attached Pattern...".
3. Find and select the new pattern.
4. Revel in the fact that it auto-magically changes the package for ALL of the parts for that component.

Question: are then any "gotchas" if I do it this way?

So, the DipTrace software is smart enough to change the pattern for all parts in a component. Why not similar intelligence when Replacing a Part on a component that is similar -- as in my example, above?

I used an LM358 with an SOIC package and wanted to change it to another LM358 library component with a DIP package. When I tried using the Replace Part... feature, it gave me the following warning for each part (of the same component) I replaced:

"Notice library path will not be updated when you replace single part of multipart component. Blah...blah..."

And, after doing this, if I try doing an Update from Library, I get a warning, and if I ignore the warning, the part vanishes!

Question: is there a way to simultaneously replace ALL of the parts in a component (as implied by the warning message)? I mean, without having to do it manually, as suggested by Alex.

I imagine managing this, in your software, might be difficult, so how about this compromise:

Provide an option to select another component, and warn that if the new component is not a pin-for-pin match for the component being replaced, the Library Path Will Not Be Updated, etc. So, you highlight a part, select this new option, and it finds all the other parts in that component and replaces them with the new parts. And, of course, for this to work, the part names will need to be exactly the same. E.g. "Part 1" on the old component, is "Part 1" on the new component, "VCC & GND" on the old component is also "VCC & GND" on the new component, etc.

If left to evolution, would this PCB ever design itself, and what would the lead time be on that?

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