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Other contributors have commented on the poor functionality and sluggish performance of DipTrace's filtering/searching facilities. I and others have separately regretted that DipTrace's infrastructure is not based on a modern relational database.
I have experimented with the possible benefits of an improved infrastructure. I caused DipTrace to export all of its libraries (12,873 patterns; 106,787 components) to ASCII, and I wrote a program to read the ASCII files into a simple database.
Amusingly, ad hoc SQL can be used to answer bizarre, off-the-wall questions. For example, you probably didn't know that the libraries contain exactly 6,440 components with an odd number of pins and no recorded datasheet.
More practically, my program lets me do simple searches without writing new SQL. For example, here is my search specification for an 8608 op amp
search for 8608.JPG
, and here
8608 results.JPG
is the result, less than a second later.
A search for D flip-flops of the 74xx74 group was equally fast
search 7474.JPG
The results were somewhat less apt (see next post)

-- 02 Jul 2014, 09:43 --

74xx74 search results
7474 results.JPG
Some of the components found are not flip-flops at all, but they came up by coincidental similarity of names. Of course, putting in "74LS74" as the single search term gets the answer right away (DM74LS74AN & SN74LS74AN, both from the National Semiconductor library). If the search is expanded to pick up both through-hole and SMD components, then it adds in two 74LS74 devices from ON Semiconductor.
I use this tool instead of the clunky built-in search/filter apparatus of DipTrace, but of course it's awkward to have to go back and forth. I describe it here mainly as a spur to the DipTrace developers.
I will share my code and/or executable with anyone interested; it runs under Windows 7 (and probably other versions of Windows), and it requires the Advantage database infrastructure (free from Sybase).

-- 02 Jul 2014, 19:52 --

What may not have been clear in my earlier posts was that all of the searches my program does are run against all the libraries.

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