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 Post subject: Internet Connectivity Requirements
PostPosted: 19 May 2016, 16:46 

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Once DipTrace is installed and licensed does it ever need a network connection to be used?

I don't want to have to have Internet connectivity for any ongoing license authentication. I don't want to have to sign-in or be signed-in to anywhere. I would like to use the package as purchased in perpetuity without license expiration. Is there anything along these lines that we should know about?

I am also concerned about privacy and connections conveying information outward. Anything like that?

-- 20 May 2016, 07:32 --

Serg Luts wrote:
Hello Bruce,

Thank you for contacting us.
DipTrace doesn't require network connection while used and doesn't require contact with us.
Just install the program and launch it.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

With kind regards,
Serg Luts
DipTrace Team

I had asked this question directly. This is a good response. Thank you.

Let me tell everyone why I asked. It is not that I am overly sensitive to privacy or that I work in a classified secure area. I have been developing product for 35+ years and as part of that probably have laid out 100 different boards. My first layout was done on a PC in 1984. Those of you who pay attention to history may wonder how that may be? I wrote that code. Those PCB back then we inked on Mylar using a D-size HP plotter. This overlapped the days when layouts were tape-ups and board houses imaged the tools. It wasn't until maybe the 4th design/revision that I wrote the code to generate Gerber format. I was told once by a board house that my plots were the only ones that they would accept for a multi-layer PCB.

I used OrCAD for a while and then a few years back switched to Altium Designer. As you all know Altium is expensive. We are a very small business. Altium appears to thrive on the large company with large corporate budgets. Because we could not continue with annual support fees I continued to work with the Summer 9 version not having access to updates. Really, I had no need to update. The package lays out boards nicely and I had no real issues.

Well behind the scenes the package signs into Altium to validate your license when launched. Normally this happens without your knowledge. Of late they switched something at their end so my license (and probably anyone else running an old version like this) will no longer validate. I had to contact them. My account was reset but now I continue to have annoying issues relating solely to this connection with the home office.

I was told that they cannot stop the sign-in unless I purchase the current version. Well, this feels like some kind of planned obsolescence and someone decided to shut us down to create an additional revenue stream.

Okay, so I am evaluating DipTrace. I do have probably 8 or 9 current designs in Altium that do need to be supported. I am dreading having to redo those in another package. But, I will do that rather than succumb to such business policies. When you purchase, the product should be yours and not have an expiration. At least not one that is arbitrary and under the remote control of the software company.

I am glad to hear that DipTrace is not handled in this way.

Anyway, I have just started a layout and we will see how it goes.

 Post subject: Re: Internet Connectivity Requirements
PostPosted: 23 Nov 2016, 16:48 

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Easy to test - just disable your network and launch the program.

If it works, you're good.

(Yes, they might have a date limit or something like that, but in extremis you can always fake the date/time to get the program to work.)


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