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3D model linked?
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Author:  klaas [ 03 Aug 2017, 20:28 ]
Post subject:  3D model linked?

I attached a 3D component to a pattern in the component/pattern editor and everything looks fine. Even after closing and opening the editors the 3d stays linked to the pad.

However when I create a schematics and convert it in the pcb, the 3d model I linked to the pattern is not linked anymore and I have to link this again and save to the project.

How can I link a 3D model to a pattern permanently?

Author:  Tomg [ 04 Aug 2017, 06:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3D model linked?

Step I - Pattern Editor
1) In the Pattern Properties dialog window, click on the [3D Model...] button.
2) In the 3D Model dialog window located to the right of the 3D Model File: text entry box, click on the [ ... ] button.
3) In the Open dialog window, navigate to the appropriate 3D model folder, select/highlight the desired 3D model file and click on Open.
4) In the 3D Model dialog window, the path name should now be present in the 3D Model File: text entry box. Click on the [Load Model] button and, if necessary, adjust the position of the model in the 3D Model Properties area.
5) Select OK.
6) Resave the custom pattern library (Ctrl + S).

Step II - Component Editor
1) In the Component Properties dialog box, click on the [Pattern...] button to bring up the Attached Pattern dialog window. In the Attached Pattern dialog window, the component should already be selected/highlighted in the list on the left side. If not, click on it to select/highlight it.
2) On the right side of the Attached Pattern dialog window, go to the Pattern Libraries drop-down list and select User Patterns.
3) In the User Patterns library list, select the name of the pattern library that contains the component's currently-attached pattern. This will automatically highlight the currently-attached pattern's name in the Patterns list.
4) In the Patterns list, left-click once on the pattern name to update the copy of the pattern residing in the component library.
5) Click on OK.
6) Back in the Component Editor window, click once more on the already-selected/highlighted component name. This is done as a precaution just in case DipTrace has not detected any changes.
7) Resave the custom component library (Ctrl + S).

Step III - Schematic Editor
1) Select/highlight the components that need to be updated.
2) Right-click on one of the selected/highlighted components, choose Update from Library in the pop-up menu and then click on Selected Parts in the fly-out menu.
3) Wait for the update process to finish, then resave the schematic (Ctrl + S).

Step IV - PCB Layout Editor
1) In the Main Menu click on Tools, choose 3D Preview in the drop-down menu and then select Patterns and Models Search... in the fly-out menu.
2) In the Pattern and Model Search Options dialog window, make sure the path to the parent folder of the needed 3D model is included in the list, then select OK.
3) In the Main Menu click on File, choose Renew Layout from Schematic in the drop-down menu and then select By Components in the fly-out menu.
4) In the Open dialog window, select/highlight the related schematic file (*.dch) and click on the [Open] button.
5) Wait for the renewal process to finish, then resave the PCB (Ctrl + S).

Author:  klaas [ 04 Aug 2017, 07:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3D model linked?

Thanks for your detailed reply Tom.
It looks like that I dit all the steps but one. I did not right click on the component in the schematics in order to update from library. as soon I did this and after updated the pcb, the links were automatically correct.
Amazing that a little omittence resulted to this.
Thanks again

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