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 Post subject: Version 2.1.9 beta with 3D PCB Preview
PostPosted: 12 Mar 2011, 10:26 
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Hello All,

We have published new beta-version ( today. Final release will
be 2.2. This version includes all new major features of 2.2. From now
we are polishing it and also will add few minor features requested by
customers (i.e. easy to make, but important).

You can download it from (51.4 Mb)
3D models (2580) here:
(96 Mb)

New major features:
1. 3D Preview in PCB Layout (.wrl and .3ds models are supported).
2. 2580 3D models in .wrl format (separate download).
3. Redesigned pattern and component libraries (full conformity).
4. Strict Via Styles (changing via style changes all vias of the style).
5. Net Classes (with extended rules). Class-to-Class rules.
6. Improved DRC (more rules, separate rules by layers and net-classes, class-to-class rules).
Show errors by layers or all. Show current clearance/size and necessary.
7. All necessary dialog boxes and menus are redesigned to use net classes and via styles.
8. Main menu redesigned (Layers item removed, sub-items moved to layers panel and Route menu).
9. Inserting layers, moving layers up/down.
Layer panel improved (buttons to add layer, layer setup and display mode; submenu; set current layer by double click)
Layer Setup dialog box improved (insert layer, move up, move down).
10. Improved manual routing:
3 standard modes + custom mode;
7 possible segment configurations;
fixed degree step for free/curve modes;
highlight only routed net option;
current via style option;
all options and hotkeys are listed on properties panel;
different trace width by layers (from net class rules).
11. Improved editing traces:
selecting several segments at once and changing properties;
adding nodes with hotkey (no mouse click or selecting item is necessary);
changing all from properties panel;
more hotkeys (all lised in submenu and properties panel).
12. Oval holes (slots). Rect holes has been added, but closed until we check acceptable manufacturing technologies.
13. Identical component/net naming in hierarchical schematic and PCB.
14. Easy connecting/disconnecting wires from nets by names, automatic changing text object with net name by the nearest wire.
15. Making wires is similar to PCB manual routing (automatic or 2 segment configurations).
16. NC Drill Import, combining it with Gerber import to get pads with holes.
17. Correct NC drill import for blind holes (by layer pairs).
18. PADS ASCII import in component and pattern editor, PADS ASCII schematic import is almost done, but closed yet.
19. Properties/Layers panel auto-switch when select tool or objects, more properties by objects.
20. Objects highlight option separate from displaying on Objects tab.
...many minor UI improvements.

 Post subject: Re: Version 2.1.9 beta with 3D PCB Preview
PostPosted: 09 Apr 2011, 06:42 

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This looks fantastic! Where/how might we be able to create our own part models?

 Post subject: Re: Version 2.1.9 beta with 3D PCB Preview
PostPosted: 13 Apr 2011, 08:17 
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We used Wings 3D for model creation. This is free software and it can export *.wrl files that are supported by DipTrace. Of course, you can use any other tool that can export *.wrl or *.3ds files.

 Post subject: Re: Version 2.1.9 beta with 3D PCB Preview
PostPosted: 02 Jul 2011, 17:02 

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What is the planned release date for 2.2? Thanks.

-- 26 Jul 2011, 20:20 --

No release date scheduled for 2.2?

 Post subject: Re: Version 2.1.9 beta with 3D PCB Preview
PostPosted: 19 Jul 2011, 09:23 

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Is it possible to run the Beta alongside the production version?

Any estimate on when the next release will be available?

(Current version as of July 19 2011 is Version, dated April 30 2010).

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