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Author:  grieblm [ 10 Jan 2012, 06:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

octal wrote:
novarm44 wrote:
if I want some simple standard task - it is great, but if I need something a bit more complex - Windows is much more flexible and logical

OS/X users will say the reverse :mrgreen:
I was in your case novarm44. I also was an intensive Windows user, but when I switched completely to MAC OS/X, I can say that it's more intuitive and really better and more logical than Windows (even W7).
First steps with OS/X are very hard because we have been exposed too much time to Winxx. Once you got to the point to master OS/X, you'll find yourself, at any time, saying "why Winxx didnt does this the OS/X way, it's more logical, more intuitive" ...
Each time you find yourself doing 3 or 4 clicks or mouse actions or keyb presses to do any task under OS/X, you must understand that you are trying to do it the Windows way, and it's wrong: try to do it "the mac way" ;)

Very true, I use both computers and find that the user interfaces on Macs are usually more intuitive and friendlier than on the Windows PC. The power and flexibility is there on the Mac as well -- it's just hidden so only expert users who need the power can gain access to it -- after all, the Mac is basically a Unix machine.

Author:  Alex [ 11 Jan 2012, 08:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

We are not able to release native version for Mac OS X in near feature, but it is in our long-term plans.

Author:  dipstick [ 23 Sep 2013, 04:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

Alex wrote:
We are not able to release native version for Mac OS X in near feature, but it is in our long-term plans.

Hi Alex, is this day getting any closer? i'm just buying the non-profit extended license tomorrow, I really like the program, thus after using free versions and trialing against others I have chosen it because I like the product and cannot justify altium. it really doesnt properly leverage the power of my computer, memory or graphics card running in WINE and I can see it may get unnecessarily slow with larger projects due to not making use of the power available and creates quite huge swap files. it does every now and then seem to cause memory leaks and artifacts and the flashing when redrawing fairly simple graphics is possibly due to integration issues with openGL and Samba. I have had maybe 3 crashes over the last 6 months due to this glitching behavior.

I see that in another thread a MAC developer offered to help you make this transition, but did not get a reply. I cant stand Windows and run Maya and illustrator to help with complete product design. I do like the program very much and can only imagine how much better it would be for me if it had native support.

I agree with some other poster's in this thread, if you look past the surface there is a full UNIX there, you can have as much control as you want, it just has a prettier wrapper. for the most part these days the main difference is just what you are used to.

thanks for reading.


Author:  dipstick [ 23 Sep 2013, 05:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

just to head off any questions raised by my last post project design is more appropriate; including visualization (my day job) and chassis design that should say, there will be products in foreseeable future if all goes to plan, which will mean a further upgrade from the non-profit version to full version if I produce something worth selling; as discussed with Victor (I love this ability to just pay the difference btw).

its grandiose to say product, as i'm still designing and building my audio measurement systems to verify the performance of my designs; it remains to be seen whether or not I should remain forever an amateur ;). there are 2 other enthusiasts involved in this DIY speaker project at the moment and they are also both mac users; I have no doubt they would switch from eagle if there was a native mac version available.

Author:  Alex [ 25 Sep 2013, 14:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

We almost completed moving to new Delphi XE4. This is the first big step to native OSX version.

Author:  grieblm [ 24 Nov 2013, 08:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

Let me know if you need any beta testers.

Author:  chrisregent [ 11 Dec 2013, 14:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

I am also really excited about the native release for your software for Mac, it is good to see that more and more engineering software companies are seeing the relevance of Mac product support.

I'm just waiting for someone to think outside the pcb design box and make something for my iPad... They are more than powerful enough and offer a far more natural user connection to the software. You just have to remember not to think like a PC user...

Author:  Alex [ 12 Dec 2013, 10:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

Native Mac version is still in our plans. It's really complex task but we undestand that it's important for us.
A version for iPad is something from long-term future, but we will consider a version that can be used as a viewer of Diptrace files or an editor with simplest features.

Author:  slowertech [ 19 Dec 2013, 20:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

Is there any kind of rough estimate when when this might come out that you could give us?

Love DipTrace!

Author:  grieblm [ 20 Dec 2013, 06:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: DipTrace for Mac OS X

Native DipTrace on the Mac would be terrific -- no more annoying flashes and cumbersome DOS file hierarchies.
I've recently converted my department to all use DipTrace and we're considering switching everyone over to Macs. A Mac native DipTrace would be the icing on the cake.

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