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 Post subject: 40 pin SMD connector blues
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After trying to create a SAMTEC connector with Diptrace I imported a DXF of the land pattern. That went alright but two little problems:1. they have a stand off (round piece of copper isolated from the SMD pad) and I can't keep it from being a numbered pin doubling the number of pins from 40 to 80 and 2. the pins start on one row go down then come back up 1-20, 21-40 when I need horizontal numbering or Odd, Even as we used to call it. Either way with the extra 40 'pins' it is ugly.
This is SAMTEC's SMD device that is killing me, Raspberry PI people like it but they have never built a board with it

-- 24 Dec 2015, 13:52 --

After fighting this issue it dawned on me it wasn't an issue with the pad layout software it was an issue caused by the manufacture of the connector. While you can have a plotter make two passes flashing round then rectangular pads it would be a waste of time. The if the intent is/was to protect the PCB from penetration then an extended rectangle would work fine. Back to the CAD software and another DXF import produced:

When the DXF was imported the pin numbers appeared in the correct order! Next was the 3D image from the manufacture, they had three types so I tried STEP hoping is was the 214 standard with color. Nope. After messing with the placement for way to long:


This is a good thing, I can create odd shaped devices in my CAD package with it's advanced tools making layout a trivial issue and import.

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