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I think that it is a huge waste of time for your limited programming staff to manually update libraries. It is much better for everyone if you provide us with a way to upload and update components, supporting documentation links, and 3D models. The CoIDE ( IDE for Cortex microcontrollers has the best model to emulate (complete with open source example code). In CooIDE allows users to create and upload code snippets for peripherals devices such as SPI or I2C that can be added to a project via an easy to use menu with some checkboxes. Uploading is as easy as right clicking on a snippet, and clicking upload.

The trick is to create a repository for every part sorted by manufacturer that becomes the primary repository, and use an existing RCS such as Git to sync repo changes, then use meta data to automatically create libraries sorted identically to parts suppliers such as Digi-Key, Mouser, etc.. All users have to do is add a data field to the component that contains a token separated list. For example from Digi-key: "Product Index > Connectors, Interconnects > Barrel - Power Connectors", the delineator is the string " > ". On Mouser, its "All Products > Connectors > Power Connectors", and the delineator is the same. I just copied and pasted the text from the Digi-key and Mouser's website and it took me hardly any time, and used minimal data. All that needs to happen is a script needs to be written that automatically generates libraries that are in the part supplier's sorting format.

By having a separate repo for each part, the library can be synced in an asynchronous manner. Multiple versions of the part can be created by users creating a data field for their DipTrace Username, and Component Version. Users can vote up and down component versions via a simple web app that can be viewed through an integrated web browser.

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