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PostPosted: 09 Apr 2012, 08:27 

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Hi, I'm brand new to all of this...well, to Diptrace at least and still fairly new to electronics.

I'm trying to build a circuit that uses some of the following transistors:

2SK30A (N-FET)

The problem is I can find none of these in any of the Diptrace libraries (I've used the search function). Is someone able to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, misunderstanding Diptrace or whether, for some reason, Diptrace just has not included these components?

I know there is a way of building components in Diptrace but I fear that may be somewhat beyond me right now as I don't yet know/understand what makes up these components, I just know I need them for this circuit. I've built circuits before and have done a few point-to-point things, but what's going on inside a transistor is a bit complex for me I think.

Any help would be much appreciated, is there perhaps another site where extra components can be downloaded for use in Diptrace?



 Post subject: Re: Component find/create
PostPosted: 10 Apr 2012, 04:31 

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BC549 is in the Motorola library

 Post subject: Re: Component find/create
PostPosted: 14 Apr 2012, 07:00 

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Hi Ben,

If you are trying to make a schematic and cannot find these components,
See this thread> viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4142

However if you are just trying to make a pcb without first making a schematic, look up the components datasheet and find out what each parts footprint is. You should be able to find the footprints in the pcb layout library.

The parts you have listed all seem to be to-92. You will find them in the general library in pcb layout.

Hope this helps....


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