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 Post subject: Animated Paper Circuits
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This is an interactive "live" animation that responds to touch without any programming!
You will need:

LEDs (my LEDs was got from

3V coin cell

Copper tape


Binder clip


Soldering equipment /or/ tape
Step 1: Choose an animated sequance
You should have as many frames in the animation as you have LEDs. In my example I used 5 frames of a bird flying, and 5 LEDs. Once you have decided what you will animate, draw it onto thick(ish) paper (I have used construction paper in this example, but you could use cardstock), and use a craft knife to cut it out (or use a vinyl / laser cutter if you have one handy!).

Step 2: Fold your switch on the LED page

Step 3: Fold you LED page in half

Step 4: Cut your frame page to size

Step 5: Cut out your frames

Step 6: Add LEDs

Mark everything out in pencil first.

To get the position of the LEDs, position your frame page on top, and make a small pencil mark at the center of each cut-out frame.

Lay copper tape as in the diagram -note that if you have any breaks in the tape you will need to solder, as most copper tape is only conductive on one side.

Add a small piece of card to connect the battery to the switch. This can be glued or taped.

Step 7: Add battery and clip


Step 8: Sandwhich frames

The LEDs will be at the back, with the frames in the middle, and a blank page at the front...for the magic to happen!

Step 9: Turn out the lights and animate!

 Post subject: Re: Animated Paper Circuits
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something interesting.
Also it can be used in other art and design industry.

PCB Manufacturing

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