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 Post subject: Engraving printed circuit to the CNC
PostPosted: 12 Oct 2016, 16:27 

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I am looking for a machine to produce printed circuits in CNC
Delimitation of tracks
Delimitation of the map.
All this compatible with DipTrace
I make circuits small 12cm * 9cm maximum
Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Best regards
Yves Accard

-- 13 Oct 2016, 06:43 --

I found a first response with the following video:
the path is DipTrace -> Coppercam -> Mach3

 Post subject: Re: Engraving printed circuit to the CNC
PostPosted: 13 Oct 2016, 21:44 

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If you are trying to produce PCB's then your looking for machines not a machine. You'll need a system to plate the holes, another system to mask the PCB and another to apply the silk screen. Don't forget a means to cut-out panels, that motor on the above machine really needs to be water cooled, the air cooled motors with spread the PCB dust all around your shop. I tried a PCB printer, ran into the drilling and plating issue and this morning just sent my first PCB to OSHPark and was amazed how cost effective they are. Boards are being built, I'll get them two weeks sooner then the China shop, 18 PCB's for $6. At the same time I purchased a stencil for $6 and a jig to hold everything for $5. Now the Solder oven and a Pick and Place machine are still needed. OSHPark can do 4 sided PCB's, I have one that is 10mm X 10mm with a complete IMU+GNSS+40 pin connector and DipTrace routed the PCB is seconds. The platted holes:
I spend my wait time on new projects or programming stuff, besides, it takes 2 weeks to get the parts from China!

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