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Milling Question - Panels
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Author:  mgbolts [ 22 Sep 2017, 10:31 ]
Post subject:  Milling Question - Panels

I usually have the pcb house do the panels for me. I would prefer to have more control and do some panels myself.

The panel is straight forward 20R x 2C with B being the border for the panel on each side.


The three vertical sections of the board outline are v scored. For this I have created a separate layer, no problem with this based on my reading here.

For the horizontal cut between the boards, I need this milled for a nice clean edge. I have created a nice gap between each row buy how to depict the required milling? I can do a cut out but this seems a bit odd as the cutout would sit outside the board outline....

Thanks in advance

-- 30 Sep 2017, 20:23 --


I note that when I draw anything on a new layer is seems to multiply in the gerber file.

See attached, This is a simple vertical line on a new vscore layer. Anyone spot this bug (?) before?


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