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PostPosted: 07 Jan 2013, 01:37 

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While I haven't received my PCB from Bay Area Circuits (when you hit order PCB from the File Menu) I just wanted to let everyone know that their prices are really, really awesome!

Usually PCB programs that hook up with manufactures charge you an arm and a leg, 'cause that's how they make money. Before I placed my order today with my usualy shop (create gerbers, check, etc. etc. ) I figured what the heck and checked out the service. To my pleasant surprise they were actually charging the SAME for single quantities and LESS for multiples. Also notices that it seems to be going by square inch, so while my board is 3x1 inches, you can fiddle with the quatity number to see how many you can get. In my case, I'd get 4 boards for $31 (+ $6 shipping). Not too shabby.

Again, while I haven't seen the board quality yet (fingers crossed), I'm cautiously optimistic. US-Based, cheap, integrated with DipTrace and twice as fast as my old shop! W00t!


P.S. Once I receive my boards, I'll post an update...

-- 18 Jan 2013, 17:57 --

Received my boards within a week and they look great. Generally high-quality, fast turn-around and good customer service. Highly recommend them for doing protos as they're reasonably priced as well..

Only minor thing I want to nag about is that they date-code it and stick the company's initials on the back. Other than that, if they keep up the quality and short turn-around time, I'll be using them!


 Post subject: Re: Order PCB..
PostPosted: 07 Feb 2013, 15:56 

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I just received a set of boards from them yesterday and I'm happy -- the price, the quality, and the turn-around is excellent.

One caveat, though... it's a good idea to manually check what your Gerbers would be prior to using the online ordering. Somewhere in the mix the checkbox that reverses text on the bottom layer became unchecked and my name is backward in the soldermask on the botom of the PCB. Not a problem for this run as they're experimental.

Interestingly, I ordered 17 but ended up with 34 -- worked out to be about a $1 per board. That's really on par with Oshpark except for the turn-around which was very fast.

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