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 Post subject: system requirements / resources utilization
PostPosted: 12 Apr 2012, 09:52 

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Hello everyone.

This is my first post here. I'm an electronic engineer by profession. I'm currently using Altium Designer, but I need to move to some more economical software (no longer eligible for academic pricing, commercial prices are totally prohibitive to me at the moment). On the top of that I wan't really using probably 80% of Altium's features.

I'm considering using DipTrace as a good mid-range alternative. Free software like ExpressPCB or KiCAD lack many features. EAGLE is extremly lacking (I don't understand how Cadsoft may want people to actually pay for it). Looking at it I feel like DipTrace offers a good functionality for a reasonable price.

Anyway, I was wondering what is the recommended system setup for efficient use of DipTrace? Is there any bias towards 32-bit or 64-bit systems? Any usage of hardware acceleration? Maybe some recommendations regarding CPU (Intel/AMD)? How much RAM does the software use in normal operation and what is the practical amount needed for seamless operation under Win7? Does the software utilize multiple cores/threads? If yes than how many?

My current setup is:
Intel Core2Duo E6400 (dual core, 2.13GHz overclocked to about 2.45GHz)
2GB of DDR2
ATI Radeon X1600PRO 512MB video card

I'm currently planning an upgrade (or rather - replacement) to my hardware and the choice of components is entirely open.

Processor will be either Core i7 960 or i7 2700K (to be decided)
RAM will probably be 16GB of DDR3 (or maybe 24GB, but 6-slot motherboards are hard to come by at reasonable price in Poland)
Main applications drive will be an SDD + some generic 1-2TB conventional HDD for storage.
Graphics card is entirely open, probably low-end (most demanding game I ever play is some flavor of flash-based zombie shooter :) )

Will this setup be sufficient for seamless operation (I've seen dual Xeons + truckload-of-ram setups stagger/glitch with certain builds of Altium)? Maybe I should for example consider some AMD X8 (Buldozer core) processors or invest in high end Intel like Core i7 3960X?

Any advice will be appreciated.

 Post subject: Re: system requirements / resources utilization
PostPosted: 13 Apr 2012, 07:47 
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DipTrace works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. There is no difference for our software, in fact. But if you plan to use a lot of RAM, you have no choice and should use 64-bit OS.
DipTrace works really fast on the latest Intel CPUs. But DipTrace has not optimized for multi-core CPUs yet and you may not see benefits with 4+ core CPUs.
Amount of RAM isn't important for DipTrace, non-integrated video card is recommend.

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