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 Post subject: Is my Email Address visible?
PostPosted: 28 Sep 2011, 19:50 

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When I bought my copy of DipTrace and signed up with the forum, I used a unique email address that has never been published or revealed to anyone.

I just got a spam sent to that address (copy below).

There are three possibilities that could explain this

It could be that they sent me the spam through the DipTrace Forums. Could someone please attempt to email me the word TEST so I can compare the headers?

It could be that they figured out a way to access the email addresses stored by phpBB (the software that runs these forums). There are some interesting claims about older versions of phpBB when I Google "phpBB hack." Could someone tell me what version of phpBB DipTrace is running?

It could be that they somehow accessed the customer address book at DipTrace. The important question here is, does DipTrace encrypt store customer passwords, mailing addresses, and credit card numbers?

here is a copy of the spam (URLs and email addresses munged). Did anyone else get one of these?


Received: from corpease [DOT NET]  (mail22.corpease [DOT NET]  [])
Received: from abcPC (unknown [])
Reply-To: <drill_bits [AT] hotmail [DOT COM] >
From: "XGP" <sales [AT] xgp-bit [DOT COM] >
To: <[My_Email]>
Subject: Drill Machinery Part
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 22:19:38 +0800

Dear [My_Email],

XGP Rock Bit Factory is a professional manufacturer and exporter of
Drilling Tools, we mainly manufacture the following products:

Taper Bits, Thread Button Bits, Retrac Bits, Taper Drill Rods, Integral
Drill Steels, Extension Rods, Coupling Sleeves, Shank Adapters, DTH
Bits, etc,.

They are widely used in:

Mining Industry, Tunneling and Underground Engineering, Open Pit,
Construction Drill, Blast Industry, Civil Engineering Operations, Road,
Gas Line, Pipe and Trench Projects, Quarry Work, Rock Anchoring and
Ground Stabilization Projects, Water Well Industry, etc,.

As a manufacturer with more than 8 years history, we gradually become
one of the most credible Chinese manufacturers in drilling industry.

Welcome to visit our website to get more details.

With best regards
Sharin Xu
Sales Dept.


Taizhou Luqiao XGP Rock Bit Factory
Tel: 0086-576-82895016
Fax: 0086-576-82895090
Mobile: 0086-13626663912
Email: info [AT] xgp-bit [DOT COM]
MSN: drill_bits [AT] hotmail [DOT COM]
Skype: xgp-drill-tools
Web:  [WWW DOT] xgp-bit [DOT COM]
Add: Jinqing,Luqiao,Taizhou,Zhejiang,China

[WWW DOT] moasoft [DOT NET]

-- 01 Oct 2011, 04:15 --

I tried emailing myself and it said dending email to this user is not allowed, so it must be one of the other possibilities.

 Post subject: Re: Is my Email Address visible?
PostPosted: 07 Oct 2011, 11:55 

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I'm pretty sure I saw a very similar email come in a little over a week ago. Could be something got away from the forum, or it could be one of the Chinese sites that I use occasionally, like Alibaba.

I'll send you a test email in a couple of minutes.


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