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Need ability to resize pattern elements
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Author:  kjhuebner [ 05 May 2015, 08:32 ]
Post subject:  Need ability to resize pattern elements

I have a 5mm keypad pattern for a membrane switch.

I want to rescale (resize) this pattern and all its layers (silkscreen, pads, signal plates, etc.) to 3mm.
There does not appear a way to do this.

Here's how it would work:
Solution #1
A user selects all the elements that are to be resized.
Go to menu and select: Edit | Resize | Selected Elements.
Click on the top right corner and drag towards center and all selected graphics are resized.

Solution #2
A user selects all the elements that are to be resized.
Right click on selected elements and popup menu appears, select Resize item.
Then enter "90%" resize value and click OK.
All selected graphics are then resized to 90% of their original size.

Author:  Gigatrek [ 18 May 2015, 15:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Need ability to resize pattern elements

Well kjhuebner,

i design PCB for hobby with DT and with other CAD to work, and i think that all you suggest is an useful function.

If i need to have a new device, starting from an other smallest i need redraw all.
An other way to resize could be to make a group and to have a function resize as group, at this moment there is a function "Flip as group".

In the same way it would be useful to draw horizontal or vertical line, as like press Alt or Shift button during the draw.

I hope that the developers will take inspiration from forum post to do next release.

-- 18 Sep 2015, 12:16 --

I don't see resizing function on 2.9 release, Do you think something for next release or definitive release?
I would be very usefull, especially in pattern editor.

Thank you for your work.

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