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Please add the concept of a "project"
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Author:  crustylump [ 10 Feb 2015, 11:35 ]
Post subject:  Please add the concept of a "project"


I work on many different projects, each that has a folder for the PCB part #. In each of these folders I have a schematic (.sch) and a PCB design (.dip). I eventually finish these and I export the gerbers, pickAndPlace, drill patterns, etc. , usually to a subfolder off of this project folder called "FabFiles". Then I move on to the next project, which is obviously in a completely different folder structure. The problem is that when I go to save anything, the program remembers the last folder I last saved in, which is not my current folder, so on at least one occasion I overwrote the gerbers in the wrong folder because I wasn't paying close attention. Another time I saved the print output to the wrong folder, again because I wasn't paying close attention. Each my own fault, but I doubt I am the only one that runs into the annoyance of not being about to create a project.


Project folders. If you could add in, maybe optional if need be, the possibility of creating a project, specify all the folders we want you to use for this project, the problem would be solved. I could then specify the main project folder, where I want the gerber exports to go, the step file export, the .sch and .dip, folders, etc. Then I could always be confident that when I "save" I am not overwriting files in a completely different project.

Maybe this is already possible, and if so how?

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